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Vintage Volkswagen & Porsche Specialists
who we are
We resurrect the abandoned. For years we have been wrenching on our own Volkswagens and Porshes, from Buses to Bugs, stock 356s to performance 914s, then going to work the next morning for someone else and wishing we were still in our shop. We decided the time had come to combine our resources and experience and take the necessary steps to be the best air-cooled VW and Porsche restoration shop in the Carolinas.

We see them out there, the mint '67 Deluxe VW bus in the garage, the '61 Porsche 356 B project in the backyard and no local shop you can depend on to get the job done right - now it's here! From basic maintenance to all out restos, we can do it all!

What We Can Do
  • regular service work
  • body/chassis metal work and fabrication
  • suspension and drive train rebuilds and modifications
  • specialize in correct stock rebuilds for Volkswagen      and Porsche air-cooled motors
  • complete brake work and upgrades
  • electrical work and custom wiring
  • we work closely with a well respected local painter to      complete high quality full restorations
  • Powder Coating and Plating services available
  • 25 + years of experience
  • Shop Rate is $98 per hour

Note: customer-supplied parts must be approved by Monkey Nut VW prior to installation.

Give us a call at (704) 598-6219
4221-A Joe Street
Charlotte, North Carolina 28206

Long-Term Service Agreement
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Restoration Policy
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